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Think you’re not a runner? Think again.  It’s because you haven’t tried, or tried in a while. Commit to be fit in 2012 and join Sheraton Eatontown and Kick Cancer Overboard in the New Jersey Marathon. Our Sales Team Samantha, Sal, Diane and Barb are on board and ready to hit the shore running!

You don’t have to run 26.2 miles to get involved. We’re not either. The New Jersey Marathon encompasses several races including the obvious 26.2, the  half marathon at 13.1 miles and the half marathon relay with teams of two running 6.55 miles each. The majority of people taking part in marathon running events sign up for the shorter races. Don’t worry about coming in last (we did) but no one running would notice, they would just shake your hand for coming out and joining a great cause. You and Kick Cancer Overboard. There’s a great camaraderie amongst runners.

Interested? Learn how to get on board at an informational meeting at 6:00pm Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 at 6:00pm in our Amphitheater at Sheraton Eatontown Hotel. Joe Gigas, Executive Race Director of New Jersey Marathon will be on hand to help us all learn how to run, have fun and raise funds for Kick Cancer Overboard. Reading this too late? Feel free to email us or call 732.460.3959 for more info.

To learn more about Kick Cancer Overboard and their efforts to send cancer survivors on a free cruise to Bermuda visit kickcanceroverboard.com.