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Sheraton Eatontown Festival of Trees Support and Spirit Series goes out to WATERSPIRIT. This years event will feature over 30 local charitable and non-profit organizations. The goal in writing these posts is further exposure for participating groups with the hopes of drawing in folks who may never have heard of them before. Our Festival of Trees team wants to raise money for charity and make this our best year out of the 22 we have been hosting Festival of Trees.

WATERSPIRIT is a center committed to informing, inspiring, and enabling people to deepen their consciousness of the sacredness and interdependence of all creation with a focus on the role of water as critical in sustaining all life.

WATERSPIRIT educates, advocates and collaborates to promote individual transformation and systemic changes necessary to sustain water and life on Earth.

From the WATERSPIRIT website:

In our part of the world, we often take our water for granted, polluting it and wasting it. So often humans abuse water and its surrounding environs. Increasingly, people are expressing concern about the degradation of our beautiful coast, rivers and wetlands. Community groups are coming together in the townships along the shoreline and the riverbanks to develop plans to heal, preserve and protect the water.

To learn more about WATERSPIRIT visit them on the web at http://www.waterspirit.org/

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