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Sheraton Eatontown Festival of Trees Support and Spirit Series post is on Prevention First. This year, our annual event will feature over 30 local charitable and non-profit organizations. We are writing a post on each participating group with the hope of educating and drawing in folks who may never have heard of them before. Our Festival of Trees team wants to raise money for charity and make this our best year out of the 22 we have been hosting Festival of Trees.

Since 1967, Prevention First has been raising awareness and promoting prevention of substance abuse and violence to Monmouth and Ocean County residents becoming a steadfast leader of statewide advocacy efforts.

Through both government and private grant funding, our services offer educational programs in bullying and substance abuse prevention, community services, and a comprehensive training institute which helps foster our mission of build a stronger, healthier generation of children who can successfully navigate through life’s challenges.

Prevention First provides programs in:

Alcohol, tobacco and other drug education

Anger Management

Bullying Prevention

Character education/peer mediation

Cyberbullying/Internet Safety

Conflict resolution

Drug free workplace

Life Skills Training

Media Literacy


Personal wellness development

Senior education

Social skills


Violence/Gang Prevention

Quick Facts: -For every $1 spent on prevention $15 is saved in future societal costs. –Studies show that children with a hobby are 45% less likely to get involved with drug use. – A child who reaches age 21 without smoking, abusing alcohol or using drugs is virtually certain never to do so.

To find out more information about Prevention first  and the programs and services we provide, visit us online at www.preventionfirst.net, Facebook: PreventionFirst     Twitter @PreventMonmouth     Blog: http://preventionfirst.wordpress.com/

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